by Madison Fiedler
*Jeff Nominated*
Rivendell Theatre Ensemble,  World Premiere
Directed by Georgette Verdin
Costumes by Becca Duff
Props by Rowan Doe
Lights by Michael Mahlum
Sound by Joyce Ciesel
Photos by Michael Brosilow
"Appalachia is a mystical part of the country that is, quite literally, older than bones. I... can attest to the eerie and enchanting Appalachian atmosphere that Spay’s design authentically captures."
"Director Georgette Verdin leverages Rivendell’s intimate performance space and makes full use of Mummert’s dynamic set."  Sierra Carlson, Rescripted
"Designed by Lindsay Mummert, the staging feels almost as if you yourself are sitting in Harper’s dingy living room. The atmospheric nature of this staging removes any veil audiences have with the realities of the opioid epidemic. It’s a first hand experience." John Accrocco, BuzzNews
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